Campaign AW18

You’ll love this varied collection centred on soft textures in a warm colour palette. Botanical prints meet monochrome looks with the possibility for endless combinations.


Luckily the season is long enough to test these five highlights of the collection!


The monocolour look

Go for a complete outfit in one colour. Let the colour speak: this will show off the individual items all the better. Go for something other than black or blue for a change: why not yellow or white? Striking and stylish.


Velvet all the way

Velvet is this season’s must-have fabric. We have selected fine velvet for a range of prints. Flower prints are the brand’s signature style, but look out for exciting new snake prints and animal motifs as well. For the solid colours, Nathalie has chosen thicker corduroy for extra depth and texture. She has opted for very high-quality cotton and viscose materials with a bit of stretch to make the corduroy feel gloriously supple. 


Botanical prints

A little bird chirping in amongst the green and yellow leaves, carnations in autumn colours, or crocuses announcing that spring is on its way: a botanical print can be so much more than leaf patterns. Prepare to be dazzled by magnificent images of flora and fauna whilst the natural world is in hibernation. 


Suits and pyjamas

Nathalie Vleeschouwer is particularly fond of tomboy blazers in a complete look with matching trousers for a suit effect. Perfect tailoring creates a self-assured silhouette. The suit in bordeaux or cobalt with an iridescent palm print is a favourite. Alongside these powerful outfits are the soft pyjama suits. With a shiny black or blue satin finish, all you will want to do after a party is kick off your heels and climb into bed, they’re that comfy!


Soft knits

There is nothing more important for your autumn wardrobe than a few blissfully soft knitted sweaters and cardigans to keep you warm all winter. The collection includes alpaca wool knitted in Belgium and brushed mohair knitted in Italy... all as soft as can be and in the loveliest colours you can imagine.