Campaign Spring-Summer 19

A return ticket from Belgium to Tahiti

This season sees Nathalie Vleeschouwer juggle exotic exuberance and comfortable simplicity, faraway Tahiti and familiar Belgium. One thing is certain: we are powerless to prevent a long-lasting love affair


Gauguin’s flowers and Wouters’ stripes

What do the painters Paul Gauguin and Rik Wouters have in common? The former painted Tahitian women in exotic landscapes, while the latter mainly depicted his own wife in their simple Belgian home. And yet Nathalie Vleeschouwer has drawn on both for inspiration in her new collection. Colourful visual gestures in bright colours are the first point of connection with Nathalie’s own distinctive style, but connoisseurs will also note how Rik Wouters’ typical red and white stripes and Gauguin’s tropical flowers have made an undeniable mark on the collection.


Extreme summer

The seasons are changing and we are facing increasingly extreme weather, but this collection is prepared for that. Sturdy jeans, crease-resistant scuba fabric, rich cotton satin, comfortable punto milano and fluffy knitwear keep us warm during the unpredictable springtime, whilst wild silk, glossy jacquard satin and delicate crêpe create wonderfully airy pieces for those sultry high-summer temperatures.


Simple frills

Nathalie’s use of colours and prints may be exuberant, but her silhouettes exude a stylish purity and focus on flattering cuts. One striking detail this summer is that we’re seeing touches of smocking and frills here and there, but used in an original way: reversible features, on the wrists for example, where a ribbon allows you to adjust the amount of gathering at the cuff; small but striking touches in the form a stand-up collar on a blouse; or lavish but subtle statements, for example in a wide, gathered border at the hemline of a summery button-through dress.