Autumn – Winter collection 2017

“Au clair de la lune”

With her 13th collection, Nathalie Vleeschouwer opts resolutely for power looks in her distinctive style of comfortable elegance, consistently surprising through her choice of colours, combinations and materials. Designed and largely produced in Belgium.

Au clair de la lune
The campaign images bathe in a glamorous nightly atmosphere inspired by the painting “Au clair de la lune” from the Belgian surrealist Margritte and is the perfect setting for Nathalie Vleeschouwer’s tempting looks.

Warm winters with ethnic influences
This season’s principal statement is, without a doubt, the full-length knitted grey-white dress in combination with a maxi shawl in a graphic black & white pattern. Nathalie Vleeschouwer derived her inspiration for this from the Berber culture in the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where these colours and patterns are frequently seen in carpets and other traditional handicrafts produced by women during the long, cold winter evenings indoors.

Her designs are knitted in sumptuously soft bouclé yarns and made in Italy. In addition to this, Vleeschouwer had a new seamless quality of cashmere produced in Italy, to which gilded alpaca yarn is added in Belgium and knitted into a cosy mohair blend.

Winter wonderland
Nature also remains a source of inspiration for Nathalie Vleeschouwer during the winter season. Tropical leaves and multi-coloured flowers comprise an original contrast to the wintry materials on which they are printed. The use of velvet gives these prints an extra dimension thanks to the colour nuances created by the fall of light. This fabric, which is new to the collection, is executed in a lovely soft quality with comfortable stretch properties, giving the velvet prints a rich allure while making them extremely comfortable to wear, too.

Lengths and layers
Following on from mid-length, ankle-length maxi skirts and dresses have also conquered a distinct place in the collection. In addition to the more loosely-fitting volumes, narrow waistlines are once again featured prominently in the collection.

The huge diversity in patterns creates an interesting contrast in lengths and layers that gives the wearer many possibilities and allows for original combinations. With only a few pieces, an infinite variety of looks can be created to suit any mood or occasion.