a campaign in collaboration with Filip Dujardin

The images for the campaign promoting the collection were created by Filip Dujardin. This is remarkable, as it is only the second time ever that we have opted for an external photographer, and moreover because it is also an exception in Dujardin’s oeuvre. 

Being able to collaborate with Filip Dujardin is a privilege. The artist and photographer is primarily acclaimed for the way in which he approaches architecture. He transforms what we might consider banal everyday architecture into a fascinating new world: multi-layered and silent in the absence of humans.

Putting real models into this world is refreshing in the realm of fashion photography and gives the collection a new dimension.

Filip Dujardin 1Filip Dujardin 2Filip Dujardin 4Filip Dujardin 5Filip Dujardin 6Filip Dujardin 7Filip Dujardin 8Filip Dujardin 9Filip Dujardin 10Filip Dujardin 11Filip Dujardin 12

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