Autumn-Winter '20: A new logo, a familiar collection

A new logo

Women wearing the Nathalie Vleeschouwer collection often emphasise how strongly they identify with the collection and the designer. Given that they see the collection as an extension of their personality, these loyal fans tend to be more interested in complete looks and less in separate items. As these customers are wont to say, they wear ‘Nathalie’. The designer’s surname is therefore featured less prominently in the new logo, with greater emphasis on her first name – which is what her customers identify with, after all.

A figurative logo is also being introduced: the upright hand is a nod to the collection’s Antwerp roots and symbolises the creative process. Authenticity is the basic premise of the collection, which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next season.



Unusual brown

The autumn-winter collection revolves around shades of brown, which are complemented by bolder, more outspoken colours. Nathalie’s adventurous choice was inspired by the trademark colour palette of German contemporary artist Neo Rauch.

Neo Rauch, Mars, 2002 © Neo Rauch / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn (Foto: Uwe Walter, Berlin).

In his enigmatic, seemingly narrative paintings Rauch developed a highly personal visual language, in which he used complementary colours to reinforce the alienating characteristics of his work. Nathalie discovered some interesting, unusual colour combinations in his oeuvre, extending these to the prints and fabrics of this collection.

Neo Rauch, Die Kontrolle, 2010 © Neo Rauch / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn (Foto: Uwe Walter, Berlijn).


A new take on power dressing

Fascinated by the clean lines, craftsmanship, and eye for detail of bespoke men’s suits, Nathalie developed a number of surprising looks. Her interpretation of men’s tailoring effortlessly fuses feminine, airy shapes and snappy prints with the sharper cut and coarser volumes of men’s suits and shirts.

In terms of fabrics, Nathalie also draws on menswear by opting for hard-wearing Italian wool in pinstripe and herringbone patterns. The brown colour scheme underscores the masculine character but is softened when combined with candy pink and soft shades of sky blue.

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