Autumn - Winter '22: Rock it like a marmista

Autumn – Winter '22

Rock it like a marmista

Nathalie Vleeschouwer's latest campaign showcases Italy's Carrara marble quarries' influence on the designer's most recent autumn-winter collection. The contrast between hard and soft, white and colourful, rough and sophisticated enhances the individuality of each characteristic.


Carrara inside out

Drawn to the beauty of the marble located just a stone's throw from her second home in Italy, Nathalie Vleeschouwer infiltrated the heart of the Carrara Mountains. Deep within the marble quarries, which are usually off-limits to the public, she met the marmistas: craftsmen who draw on their technique and creativity to transform raw marble into the finest works of art and design on a daily basis—a clear reflection of the way Vleeschouwer herself works. The setting of the shoot is more than just an interesting backdrop: it is an ode to the lengthy creative process that leads to the finished product, the part of the artist's journey that often remains unseen.


From Carrara to Antwerp

As he designed the label's new flagship store in Antwerp, which wiil open on Tuesday 2/08 at 12h, Vleeschouwer's husband Jan worked to recreate the atmosphere of the quarries themselves. Visitors can expect a fashionable interpretation of a marble quarry when they visit the new store, which has more than tripled in size since neighbouring premises on Kammenstraat were integrated into it.


Glamorous fabrics and techniques

Those who RSVP'd that they would be attending parties this autumn will be eager to try on the wide selection of glamorous garments, from sequin dresses and skirts to brocade kimonos, satin blouses and silk-like dresses. Ultra feminine but still with Nathalie's trademark comfortable fit.

Double-face wool coats are the jewel in the collection's innovative crown. Originating in haute couture, the double-face technique creates a layer of fabric with two identical sides, woven together on a specially-designed loom. This eliminates the need for any lining and makes the fabric light, stretchy and pleasant to wear. With every seam made entirely by hand, each coat is the product of true craftsmanship. The only Belgian designer to offer double-face garments in this price range, Vleeschouwer rivals international players the likes of Max Mara and Bottega Veneta.


Discover the first campaign images here!

The collection is available online & in all stores from 28/07 with new additions every week!


So stay tuned for much more!


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