Denim capsule collection

Now online & in all brand stores and boutiques! The capsule collection offers a very accessible & young look with a lot of power.

Casual wear for every day, 8 models in total in 3 soft tones: sky blue, misty green and shell and all very comfortable to wear due to the relaxed, oversized fitting.

Key items are the denim trousers and loose shorts in combination with an oversized sweater or t-shirt.

The denim pieces are all made in Tencel, a much more durable alternative than the classic jeans. Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees, a fast-growing tree that uses 80% less water than the cotton plant and also requires far less pesticide and fertilizers to thrive. In addition, eucalyptus is grown in a 'closed-loop' system, in which water and fertilizers are continuously recycled and thus limit the impact on the environment. The Tencel fiber is produced chlorine-free, which means it is also 100% biodegradable.

So we don't use cotton for the denim pieces, but we do use the traditional sturdy denim weaving technique. We love the casual look of it, but the Tencel variant is softer, more flexible and absorbs more moisture, making it feel lighter in summer. After washing, the fabric may feel a bit stiff, but after ironing and wearing it, the fabric becomes supple again. The t-shirts & sweaters are made of cotton stretch.

All pieces are garment-dyed: this is a technique in which the finished piece is put in a color bath for a more natural, authentic look. This colouring process is more uneven than when the colouring is done on the original roll of fabric. Small color variations are therefore specific to the technique.

Characteristic of these pieces is that they all carry the figurative hand logo of the collection subtle embroidered on the pieces. A nod to the Antwerp roots and the creative process that precedes each collection.

All pieces from the capsule collection also blend beautifully with the other pieces and prints from the spring-summer '21 collection.

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