Green Friday

-20% on the HAND capsule collection

€5 per purchase goes to BOS+


Just like last year, we are very enthusiastic about our 'Green Friday' action.

Last year, thanks to our collab with partner BOS+, we were able to purchase a plot in Hoogstraten. Click here for last year's action:


This year we are taking it to the next level:

-20 % on the entire HAND collection to give you a boost

For every purchase we transfer €5 to BOS+ with which they can plant new forest in Flanders.

Take a look at the current projects here: (dutch only, sorry!

The promotion runs from Friday 25/11 to Monday 28/11 online & in all brand stores in Antwerp, Lier, Brussels, Ghent & Kortrijk.


Why we choose for Green Friday:

The fashion sector is has a big impact on the environment, which is why we have been working for years to reduce our impact as much as possible. We do this in the first place by making high-quality clothing that you can enjoy for years and therefore also need less new clothing.

In addition, we only produce what is ordered by our own stores and the multi-brand boutiques, so that we have as few leftover stock as possible. We focus on local production, which is not only positive for our own economy, but it also minimizes the necessary transport. We also search for green alternatives for our fabrics season after season, in collaboration with our fabric suppliers. Our warehouse, offices, showroom and workshop are centralized in our Antwerp headquarters, so that we also limit transport in this way.


Why we work together with BOS+:

For the second year in a row we are working together with BOS+. It is a Flemish organization that has been specifically committed to forest conservation, better forest and more forest in Flanders and the world for more than 40 years.

BOS+ often collaborates with companies. They have already planted 10 million trees in collaboration with more than 100 companies.

The organization contributes to a growing awareness of the importance of forests and trees for a liveable world for humans, plants and animals. We are happy to join in.

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