In-house print design

This season, all the prints were once again designed in-house by Nathalie's daughter Felix. The doodles, pen and pencil drawings that have flowed from her hand for years at unguarded moments, formed the starting point. The doodle prints have a playful, almost naive and uncomplicated character as a result. Their fresh colours are reflected in the choice of fabrics and knitting yarns, making the entire collection feel like a walk on a sunny spring day.

Felix shares Nathalie’s love of botanical elements, which is clearly reflected in both the doodle prints and the refined floral prints. Inspiration from architecture is also never far away for this mother-daughter duo. In contrast to the naive figurative prints, there are the graphic prints inspired by Brutalism, with eloquent names such as ‘blue bofill’ and ‘green umemoto’ in which the legacy of the architects resonates.

In response to a general demand for more glimpses behind the scenes, we are happy to share a look at the process behind the final design.


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