Knitwear, where it's made

Our knitwear is produced in Belgium and China. We are happy to explain to you why we choose these partners.

We are aware that 'made in China' does not have the best reputation these days, but we cannot find the technicality and quality anywhere else as in the workshop in China with which we have been working for more than 20 years for the fine yarns, such as cotton, cashmere and merino wool. This atelier in China is committed to innovation and delivers beautiful quality.

There is 1 cargo scheduled flight every six months with all the knitwear items they make, so we keep it as limited as possible in terms of transport.

This atelier has also been visited and inspected by us several times. Nathalie's own son recently did an internship there. This partner works very transparently and constructively with us, so we are not concerned about fair working conditions, although we will of course continue to monitor this.

In addition to sustainability, we also focus on long-term collaborations and we find good, personal collaboration very important.

We therefore do not want to break the cooperation with this Chinese manufacturer, purely because 'made in China' does not sound so good. That's exactly what would feel very unfair to us.

In addition to China, we also work with Belgian knitting atelier, but for the heavier, woollier yarns. We speak the same language and the short distance to Sint Niklaas makes it possible to communicate smoothly back and forth and to have several prototypes developed, which is a great asset. Multiple deliveries may also be spread over a number of weeks, because we can use regular road transport. Side-productions during the bestsellers season are also possible. That is also a luxury, because that way we can tailor our offer to your demand even better.

As you can see, every knitwear partner we work with has its own specialization and we want to respect this.

Any questions about the origin? Contact us or keep following us via social media, this blog or our newsletter. We regularly give you a look behind the scenes.

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