Solidarity December

December is a wonderful month: gathering with family and friends, presents, looking back on the year, looking forward to what is to come…
But it's not a wonderful time for everybody, even more so due to the current financial crisis.
As a company, we want to make sustainable, but also social choices.
Following our Green Friday campaign for a better planet, we are therefore making an extra commitment to more solidarity in December.

For every purchase in December we will therefore donate € 5 to the Belgian Food Banks.
This applies to every purchase in our brand stores in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Kortrijk, Lier and the  webshop, during the entire month of December.
You don't have to do anything extra, we will make sure that the proceeds end up well in January and of course we'll let you know the final outcome. 

The proceeds of the Green Friday weekend, in which we donate €5 per purchase to BOS+, raised €915 .
The fundraising campaign is fully spent on the purchase of a new forest in Holsbeek.
Thank you for showing your green heart!

We can't stress enough how grateful we are for you to shop locally and sustainably.
You encourage us every day to make thoughtful choices and to set our goals even higher.

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