I’m a designer, but I am also a loving wife, with three children and two dogs; I’m a traveller, nature lover, city-tripper, swimmer, a lover of fine foods …
I love life and I want that love to show. It is so essential to feel comfortable with your body. A beautiful dress is more than a second skin: it is my instant feel-good remedy.
Are you a Nathalie too?

Welcome to our world.

The identity of the collection is intimately linked to the spirit of Nathalie Vleeschouwer. The theme of the Belgian collection since 2011 is effortless elegance in an original palette of colours, prints and fabrics.
Easygoing looks that you return to every day and also choose for special moments and parties where you want to look your best. Nathalie Vleeschouwer knows better than anyone how to combine femininity and wearability in her designs.


Fashion is in Nathalie Vleeschouwer’s blood: her father was a buyer for a clothing giant and as a child there was nothing she liked better than visiting the big clothing manufacturers with him. The Fashion Academy in Antwerp was the next logical step, but in 1990, at the age of 22, she left the Academy to begin her own clothing line, Fragile, a maternity collection that was unique at the time.
Winning the Womed Award encouraged Nathalie to embark upon a new challenge in 2010 alongside Fragile. To emphasise the authenticity of this new collection, she gave it her own name, Nathalie Vleeschouwer.


Natale refers to Nathalie, but it is also the Italian word for ‘birth’.

This family business houses two collections, Fragile & Nathalie Vleeschouwer. Both are the creative brainchildren of designer Nathalie Vleeschouwer. The directors of Natale are Nathalie herself and her husband Jan.

Every day about 40 people are hard at work behind the scenes and in the public eye, from the pattern maker to the webmaster. By outsourcing as little as possible, the company brings together experience and ensures all its processes are easy to control.

Nathalie Vleeschouwer is the head designer in a creative team of stylists, knitwear experts and a pattern maker. Every design is created by our team from start to finish. We aim to establish relationships of trust with all our suppliers and manufacturers, which means transparency is essential. This is why we regularly visit our partners in the workplace so that we really do know exactly whom we are working with.


Respect for human beings, society and the environment is an important aspect of Natale’s value system. Our products are made without child labour, in pleasant working conditions and with fair wages. Because the creative, commercial and administrative team all work under one roof in Antwerp, our impact on the environment is limited. We also try to minimise our impact on the environment throughout the rest of the production chain. This is why we have kept more than half of our production in Belgium for more than 20 years. We do most of our other production in Europe.




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