Spring-Summer collection 2018 "Striped tropics"

This collection truly reveals its stripes with stripes in every conceivable width and in fascinating colour combinations, such as cobalt with burgundy, or flamingo pink with turquoise. Nathalie Vleeschouwer uses them to maximum effect and in a variety of directions, creating fascinating linear patterns. In some cases, she has even striped fabrics as an underlay for other prints, creating a 2-in-1 effect.

Knotted cactus

Khaki is one of the season's signature colours and it's ideal for trousers. The shirt has a major retro vibe. It has a cactus print and is playfully tied in a bow, but you can knot it the traditional way too. The choice is yours!

OLINDE blouse, O5020 summer crepe, 795 petrol cactus,
MISTY trousers, O1600 college stripes, 350 kaki

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