Autumn - Winter 2017 collection, 'Au clair de la lune' Let us take you to our winter wonderland, with ethnic influences and inspired by tropical nature, in an abundant mix of colours and textures.

long skirt , glitter skirt , glitter wool , fine knitwear

Total look in soft pink

Classic Nathalie Vleeschouwer look that combines our well-known long Joplin skirt with a delightful knitted piece with a graphic pattern in lurex yarn. Two shades of pink are combined for a soft look. We have added black stockings and heels for a sexy twist, but be sure to try this outfit with your favourite pair of sneakers for a comfy daytime look!

LOLA jumper, KL02N, N3300 dianalux, 028 skin
JOPLIN skirt, S03, N1530 golden wool, 501 rose

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